What is Graphic Design? Graphic Designer Ideas and Inspiration

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the art of creating visual communication by using text, image or shape to the user. In other words, you can say this convey message or idea to the user through typography, photography and illustration.

 Importance of graphic design:

As everything is becoming digitalize, so this is the right time to learn graphic design and make your career in this field. Nowadays, big companies use graphic designing to attract their client and promote their business.

There is no specific educational background required for this field. You just have to be very creative, passionate and have the ability to create smart ideas regularly for handling projects. You can’t repeat the same ideas again. You can get jobs into advertising field, interface design (UI) and TV industry also.

Career related to Graphic Designers:

1. Art Designer

2. Craft and Fine Artist

3. Desktop Publishers

4. Drafters

5. Industrial Designer

6. Multimedia Artist and animators

7. Technical Writers

8. Web Developer

The work of graphic designer is to create visual element such as logos, banners, original images, illustration, and design layout. Graphic designer use digital illustrations, photo editing software and layout software to create designs. They combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images.