Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a creative process of increasing the traffic or visitors to your websites through organic search engine results. In other words, you can say SEO helps to rank high in the search engines for relevant keywords.
    SEO works
    Search Engines scan or crawl different websites to better understand what the site is about. If you are working on the targeting keywords, it will take 6 months to rank high. SEO do not accept duplicate content.

    Fundamental Principles of SEO which increase website traffic:

    1. Backlinks are still fundamental to SEO.
    2. Relevant, optimized content wins:
    3. If you want to come on the front page on Google, you need links and quality content.
    4. Keywords:
    5. Whatever the user search on Google that are said to be keywords.
    6. Meta Description:
    7. This describes the complete summary of the page and also why the information provided on the page is important for the user.
    8. Image Tags:
    9. Image tags, helps the Google to know what the image is, where to store it, and how to index it. And also how to bring it up in the search engine results.
    Types of SEO:
    There are 3 types of SEO which helps in ranking the websites.
    1. On-page SEO:
    2. This includes keyword research, content creation, and keyword optimization
    3. Technical SEO:
    4. This includes site-speed, indexing, mobile friendliness, crawlability and security.
    5. Off-page SEO:
    6. This relates to high quality backlinks.

    Importance of SEO:
    1. Visibility and Ranking:
    2. SEO increases visibility which is directly related to the ranking of the website.
    3. Web Traffic:
    4. The main goal of SEO is to increase website traffic. You increase visibility and ranking, it automatically increase website traffic.
    5. Creating a better visitors experience:
    6. If your site has unique content and you optimize your site with on page SEO this results in positive customer experience.
    7. Business Growth:
    8. SEO is essential in business growth and it also helps in building direct relationship with the customer.


      Content is the combination of information and communication that are directed towards the user to build direct relationship with the clients.

      web content writer is a person who writes relevant content for the websites to promote business. Every content contains keywords for improving website SEO.

      Client provide keywords of their product to the content writer and the job of the content writer is to provide detail description of their product which will display on the web page of their website ,so that the user get the complete information about the product.

      Importance of Content Writing:

      1. Content is the most important part of your SEO –Without good quality content you can never hope to enjoy good search engine ranking.

      2. Helps in business growth.

      3. Content attracts clients and gives full information about the product.

      4. Quality backlinks can only be obtained due to quality content.

      5. To rank your website, google need content.