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Website Designing

    Website is a collection of web pages, images, multimedia content, scripts, and videos on the World Wide Web which are located under a single domain name. Websites helps to increase our customer which helps in business growth.

    There are two types of websites:

    1. Dyanamic Websites
    2. Static Websites
    3. First we design the website and then we develop the website.

    Website design is the design of the website which appears on the internet. This includes web graphic design, interface design, content production etc. It is the combination of design and code .Elements of web design includes layout, colour, graphic, fonts, and content. Design appears on the front and code which runs on the back. Website designer will design the layout by using the markup language called HTML. Web designer build web pages using HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page.

    Web development is the task which involves developing the websites for the internet. It mainly deals with the coding and writing mark ups .Web development ranges from creating a simple static page of plain text to a complex web based internet application. Web developer must have the knowledge of programming language HTML ,CSS, PHP, Python, JavaScript etc.There are three kind of web developer-front end developer, back-end developer and full stack developer .Front end developer deals with the behavior and visuals that run in the user browser and back end developer deals with the server.